Michelle demonstrating a live chicken processing at the Ohio Paw Paw Festival 2014.


Workshop: Processing Chickens at Home

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about processing your own birds at home. This will be hands on, you will be participating in a chicken slaughter. When you leave this one day w_DSC8736orkshop, you will be fully prepared to do this work on your own.  Several dates between August 29th-Sept 7th 2021.  Text 740-274-6155 or email


car workshop2

Learn the basics. How to change your oil, replace air filter and wiper blades (bring your own if needed). Learn how to navigate your owners manual, change a flat tire,  jump a car  battery, and what to put in your toolbox.  This workshop is designed for women who are interested in overcoming the mystery of what’s under the hood. Registration fee $15. Text or email for scheduling.

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