Young Women’s Internship

It has been a longtime goal of ours to direct our educational outreach on young women looking for a safe space to build skills and independence.  The ages of our own children persuaded us to focus on farm camp for a few years, and now we are ready to return to our original plan!  As two women running a homestead we can offer young women a chance to build a variety of skills unhindered by gender or societal expectations, pushing themselves beyond limitations assigned to them based on their sex.

Turtle Hill Farm is an active family homestead. We have built our own home, outbuildings for our livestock, storage and workshop space and an outdoor kitchen for our campground.  We are passionate about health and nutrition for ourselves, our animals, our community,  and the land we all share. The connection we have with our food and the soil it grows upon, truly keeps us healthy and happy.  We desire to share this with young women so they can take these ideas into adulthood, helping them be strong, confident and successful.

Some of the skills you will learn:  gardening, animal husbandry, carpentry, cooking/nutrition, auto mechanics, self care/yoga, feminist experience and education, strength and empowerment.


We ask for 5 hours of work a day, 5 days a week in exchange for a beautiful outdoor experience camping, hiking and exploring independence.  Interns will be expected to do a variety of work around the homestead and be given the opportunity to spend time on whatever particular interests they might have in our farm life here (i.e, learning about auto mechanics or cooking/nutrition)

Two options for food:

1. You can bring your own food supplies


2.We will provide the basic food staples for cooking; eggs, whole grains, beans, veggies, butter, salt and spices for a fee of $10/day.

There is a rudimentary kitchen with a stove top for cooking as well as a campfire.

We generally have a community meal once a week, where we will provide dinner for anyone staying at the campground. This will be a chance to try out meat from animals raised on our farm, as well as homemade yogurts, live ferments and other homestead culinary experiences.

The rest of the details are a “build your own” experience. The length of stay, coming on your own or organizing a group, and what you do with your free time!

*All interns are required to have health insurance and signed waivers from their parents/guardians if under the age of 18.

This is an independent experience, we will be available and engaging, but all interns will be “on their own” at the campground in the evenings and in their free time.

To set up a time to visit our farm email